FEEM Supports and Implements the UN Principles of Responsible Management Education


In December 2016, the Faculty of Engineering and Management at Riga Technical University (RTU FEEM) for the third time in eight years assessed its own and RTU overall achievements in the area of sustainability and social responsibility. FEEM submitted a current self-assessment report on the United Nations (UN) initiative “Principles of Responsible Management Education” (PRME), confirming its support for the global idea of ​​sustainable development and socially responsible management education and the importance of research, as well as showing genuine desire and commitment in their implementation at RTU.

In 2008, RTU FEEM joined the UN PRME initiative to support and implement in its activities all six principles of responsible management education relating to the goal, values, methods, research, partnership and dialogue. Cooperation between the institutions envisages periodical submission of self-assessment report in order to assess the operations and to inform partners and society about the achievements and future plans of the university and faculty.

The PRME is a UN initiative program, started in 2007 at the UN global leaders’ meeting in Geneva. The mission of the PRME is to promote changes in business and management education and research on a global scale, by developing the awareness of academic institutions of the UN sustainable development goals through the principles of responsible management education.

The goal of the PRME initiative is to help improve the operational principles of academic institutions, improve the study content, study methods, the compliance of research and strategy with the new challenges in the today’s rapidly changing world and the sustainable development guidelines, as well as to promote social responsibility in general, by developing a generation of young and progressive entrepreneurs and business leaders who are able to successfully manage the complex challenges of the 21st century both in enterprises and society as a whole.

The PRME initiative is based on internationally accepted values ​​– the UN Global Compact principles.

More information: Official PRME Website

RTU FEEM PRME report 2015-2017: HERE




Riga Technical University (RTU) has received award «Latvian Export 2016» from the Export Council of Latvia for development of innovative products and popularization of Latvia in the world. RTU has also been awarded the quality mark «Quality Product of Latvia», thus promoting recognition and assuring its quality abroad.


RTU has been recognized for cooperation with entrepreneurs and coproduction of new products that are being introduced into the market, as well as for RTU researchers who start their own businesses that commercialize innovations developed by researchers. Last year RTU was for the first time included in the prestigious Times Higher Education World University Rankings that highly evaluated RTU cooperation with industry and entrepreneurs.

Director of RTU Department of Quality Control and Records Management Juris Iljins states, «It is very important to acknowledge that it is possible to export not only products, but also education. In the USA and Great Britain, this is one of the most profitable sectors and we should more actively support this sector in Latvia, thus contributing to the economic growth.»

J. Iljins emphasizes that RTU has been very successful not only in attracting foreign students but also in developing cooperation with the industry and outsourcing, as well as signing research agreements both with local and foreign companies. J. Iljins says, «I consider that exactly for these reasons RTU has received award «Latvian Export 2016». It is proved by the fact that in 2016 RTU received award from Employers’ Confederation of Latvia in the category «The Best Employer in Latvia» and that RTU is among 500 best universities in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings according to results for cooperation with industry.»

Latvian Export 2016 was the third contest organized by the Export Council of Latvia. Its aim is to evaluate and recognize Latvian companies that produce and export high quality products and services, thus popularizing the name of Latvia in the world. This year 15 winners have received award from the Export Council of Latvia.