International scientific conference “Economics and Management, ICEM-2017” successfully completed


Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management, Riga Technical University (RTU FEEM) organized the 22nd international scientific conference “Economics and Management, ICEM-2017” (ICEM-2017) from 10 to 12 May.

ICEM is a “traveling” conference, which is annually organized by one of the four cooperation universities: School of Economics and Business, Kaunas University of Technology (KUT SEB) in Lithuania, RTU FEEM in Latvia, Faculty of Business and Management, Brno University of Technology (BUT FBM) in the Czech Republic and Tallinn School of Economics and Business Administration, Tallinn University of Technology (TUT TSEBA) in Estonia.

On 11 May, the Conference plenary session was opened by prof. Tālis Juhna, RTU Vice-Rector for Science at the RTU Scientific Library at Paula Valdena Street 5. Conference participants and guests were welcomed by prof. Remigijs Počs, dean of RTU FEEM, prof. Edita Gimžauskienė, dean of KUT SEB dean, Stanislav Škapa, dean of BUT FBM, and prof. Tatjana Põlajeva, TUT TSEBA.

The main theme of the Conference “ICEM- 2017” was “Facing the 4th Industrial Revolution”. The presenters at the plenary session were Pavlo Sheremeta, former Ukrainian Economic Development and Trade Minister (2014), leading Ukrainian economist, Professor Alan Barrell, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, Nellija Ločmele, chief editor and Member of the Board of the weekly magazine “IR” as well as Assistant Professor Modris Ozoliņš, Director of International program department of RTU FEEM. All speakers noted the progress of science and technology development, global changes in the communication environment and culture, as well as in consumer behaviour. Professor Allan Barrell stressed: “An Imperative to optimise Technology and Knowledge Development and Transfer. The Imaginative Entrepreneurial Ecosystem to transform Knowledge into a better world!”

During the conference sections work, participants presented a number of articles on topical issues in today’s economy and management:

  • Financial economics and corporate finance challenges and opportunities;
  • Accounting;
  • Human resources in the world without borders;
  • Modern marketing: inspiration, innovation and their implementation;
  • Strategic management in the global economy: entrepreneurship, innovation and internationalization;
  • The global economy and national competitiveness;
  • Finance, taxes and challenges in legislation;
  • Process management after the fourth industrial revolution;
  • Quantitative methods and their use in economic models;
  • Corporate social responsibility: interaction between businesses, society and the state.