Riga Technical University (RTU) has been given the award for «Leadership in Innovation» for its contribution to promoting innovation, and has been placed in the Platinum Category of the Sustainability Index assessment for the second year in a row. The high evaluations were achieved through purposeful efforts in the development of innovation, as well as efforts to bring to life the green lifestyle and provide scientific contribution to the development of environmentally friendly technologies.

The Sustainability Index methodology explains that companies that have received the platinum category have fully integrated corporate responsibility into their activities, and they have appointed responsible persons on both the board and executive level. These companies systematically collect data and assess impact, as well as report on their activities with a high level of transparency and by involving stakeholders, and an external auditor confirms their published data.
RTU was included in the Platinum Category of the Sustainability Index in 2018. However, it is the first time that RTU has received the award for «Leadership in Innovation». This year nineteen companies were included in the Platinum Category. The solemn award ceremony of the Sustainability Index took place on 13 June.

In order to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles and the total amount of waste, there are drinking water fountains located at RTU faculties and waste is sorted. The green principles are considered when building, reconstructing and equipping facilities. An important role is played by innovations of RTU scientists, which are approbated in Ķīpsala. For example, energy-efficient outdoor LED lighting is installed in the student campus, while in students’ hostels and RTU Ķīpsala Swimming Pool, heat energy obtained from warm wastewater is used to heat water.

RTU implements digitization by gradually giving up the circulation of printed documents and switching to electronic services. RTU also cares about employee loyalty and organizes events for their families. These efforts have also been appreciated for the fourth consecutive year by awarding the status of a Family-Friendly Enterprise to RTU.

Sustainability Index is a strategic management tool that helps Latvian enterprises establish the level of sustainability and corporate responsibility, while providing the public, state and non-governmental organizations with objective criteria to praise and support the most forward-looking and responsible companies in Latvia.


Riga Technical University (RTU), compared to last year, has climbed to the 701–750 place in the «QS World University Rankings 2020», and this indicator is the highest out of all evaluation results of the three Latvian universities included in the ranking. The other two Latvian universities remained in the 801–1000 place range. RTU earned the highest praise for its engagement of foreign students, reputation among employers, and has improved its international prestige.

The ranking includes 1001 best universities in the world from 82 countries. Higher education institutions were assessed taking into consideration six criteria: Academic Reputation, Employer Reputation, Citations per Paper, Faculty/Student Ratio, as well as International Faculty and International Students.

RTU received the highest appraisal for its increase of foreign students, ranking 437th in the global assessment, while for its employer reputation RTU ranked 449th, and the increase of the international faculty that ranked RTU as 543rd, is also of importance. The international faculty ratio indicator is the one where RTU has shown the most rapid growth, increasing its position by 39 places since last year.

RTU has been included in the «QS World University Rankings» for the third year in a row. Other universities from Latvia that are included in the ranking are University of Latvia and Rīga Stradiņš University, which both, same as last year, remained in 801–1000 range.

The assessment of Academic Reputation and Employer Reputation is based on extensive international surveys. Employers and academicians not only from Latvia but also from other countries expressed their opinion about RTU, and this fact only underlines the international significance of this prestigious ranking.  The performance of higher education institutions in the remaining four criteria was assessed on the basis of submitted data that was verified according to internationally available information.

As in the previous two years, this year Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been ranked first, Stanford University – second, and Harvard University – third in the «QS World University Rankings». The results of the ranking were published on 19 June.

RTU has also shown convincingly the best results among 18 Latvian higher education institutions at the beginning of June in the «U-Multirank» rating, being the only Latvian university that received the largest number of top or A-level assessment in 11 criteria, for example, for graduate students employed, number of spin-offs, and funding attracted for science projects.

«QS World University Rankings»: www.topuniversities.com/university-rankings