RTU FEEM students successfully participated in an OIL Project for module at Coventry University

Between January the 18th and April the 22nd 2016, a number of students from Riga Technical University Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management together with other European and international students from the UK and Belgium participated in an Online International Learning (OIL) Project for 357SAM module at Coventry University UK.

Online International Learning (OIL) refer to ‘virtual mobility’ experiences that are embedded into the formal curriculum and provide students with an opportunity to interact with peers at international universities, so students can develop intercultural competences and digital skills while working together on subject-specific learning tasks or activities.

The main area of discussion was based on ‘Europe through the Global Lens’ in which the students had to participate in forums through online discussions on the following topics:

  • EU and Schengen
  • 2 Speed Europe Innovation in the EU
  • Europe in the Current Economic Crisis
  • EU and it’s education System
  • Innovation in the EU
  • Europe and its Trade
  • European Cultures or European Culture.
  • Should Turkey become an EU member?
  • Euro- One European Currency.
  • Europe in the Global Market
  • Should Greece be forced to leave the EU?
  • Refugee Crisis
  • Benefits of EU
  • BREXIT-yes/no Referendum
  • Migration within the EU

In order to fulfil the task, the participants had to interact in heated debate, elaborate on their opinions and exchange valuable pieces of information from researches conducted with reference to the given topics. The students have benefited greatly from the aforementioned not only in their academic skills and knowledge but also in the command of the English language as it was the medium of communication.   As a result, the successful RTU participants have received Coventry University UK Certificates verifying their participations in the OIL project.