Rihards Gederts,  3rd year student of Real Estate Management Mater’s study program applied for the professional internship program in the United States (U.S.) of Baltic American Freedom Foundation (BAFF). After going through the application contest and the interview process he was accepted in the program which enabled him to receive scholarship and internship placement at a U.S. company. With the help and coordination from BAFF he was able to find his internship placement in New York City.

Rihards Gederts

“I think that the strong academic knowledge you gain in school or university goes hand in hand with the professional knowledge you gain in your work. I had a great opportunity to study real estate management in the Institute of the Civil Engineering and Real Estate Economics in Riga Technical University, which helped me to understand essence and related business processes. I believe that uniting academic knowledge with professional skills allows an individual to achieve the intended career goals. Of course University or your job only gives you the tools. You as an individual need to put the tools into action and put in the necessary effort to reach your goal. This is one of the keys to success that is put into practice in the real estate industry in New York City.”, commented R. Gederts after finishing the BAFF professional internship program.

For several years, students of the Master’s program have received The International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) Scholarships. The FIABCI Scholarship Foundation is an international initiative focused on supporting the future careers of our younger generation throughout the world. The Funds have also been granted to member universities to further their international real estate education programs. The Foundation supports real estate researchers from all FIABCI regions and scholarships are awarded to applicants from many FIABCI Member States.